Buxton Opera House

Are you looking for a Derbyshire holiday cottage to stay in? The Pondview Holiday Cottage is the best choice for you. With its beautiful Buxton Opera House is an attractive location for all who are thinking staying in this region. This beautiful Opera House is splendid at night time when its stained glass portico is illuminated. The Opera House has been a full-time venue for stage productions, presenting approximately 450 performances per year, including opera, dance, musical theater, pantomime, comedy, drama, children’s shows and concerts.

In the 1990s, work was done to repair and modernize the theater. An extensive programme of internal and external restorations took place from 1999 to 2001. In February 2007, another refurbishment was completed at the Opera House that added air conditioning in the gallery and backstage area. New seats were added to the gallery and upper circle which increased current capacity to 902 seats. A new get-in lift to replace the ramp and new backstage working lights as well as re-wiring and painting the backstage area and dressing rooms was conducted as well.